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The Abstract below is from
Dynamic Estuary Management Information System (DEMIS) - Coos Bay Region
Data Layer habsepb
Data Title The Oregon Estary Plan Book
Data Originator Robert Cortright, Jeffrey Weber, Robert Bailey
Publisher Oregon DLCD
Publication Place Salem, Oregon
Publication Date 1987
Abstract This coverage represents estuary habitats defined by Oregon Fish and Wildlife
Purpose This coverage is part of a larger data set which comprises the Oregon Estuary Plan Book in digital format.
Beginning Date of Content Unknown
Ending Date of Content Unknown
Progress NA
Update Frequency NA
Access Constraints NA
Use Constraints NA
West Bounding Coordinate -124.35859941
East Bounding Coordinate -124.12212495
North Bounding Coordinate 43.48188642
South Bounding Coordinate 43.25093979
Location The Coos Bay estuary as defined in the Oregon Estuary Plan Book
Scale 1: 12,000
Map Projection Lambert Conformal Conic
Spatial Reference Method Vector
Contact Person/Organization Oregon State Service Center for Geographic Information Systems
Contact Street Address 155 Cottage St. NE
Contact City, State, Zip Code Salem, OR 97310 USA
Contact Telephone Number (503) 378-2166
Contact E-mail Address
Metadata Date 07-14-1997