FY 1998 NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program

Submitted 1/19/00 to:
Bruce McKenzie, CAP Program Officer, bmckenzi@USGS.GOV

David Painter, dpainter@USGS.GOV

Gayle Royal, groyal@USGS.GOV

Jennifer Fox, jafox@USGS.GOV

Project Title: A National Geospatial Clearinghouse for the Oregon Coast

Lead PI: Dawn Wright, Oregon State University

Cooperating Organizations: Tillamook Coastal Watershed Resource Center, Pacific Northwest Coastal Ecosystems Regional Study, Ecotrust (formerly Interrain Pacific), State Service Center for GIS (State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services)

Additional Collaborator: Northwest Alliance for Computational Science & Engineering, Oregon State University

Project URL: buccaneer.geo.orst.edu

Final Report URL:buccaneer.geo.orst.edu/docs/final.html

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Activities and Findings

Completed Research Activities



The original grant included a cost share of $82,201. Unfortunately we ran into problems with two of the parties that agreed to contribute cost share, but the P.I. and her graduate students were able to contribute additional effort to cover most of this. Also, the Pacific Northwest Coastal Ecosystems Regional Study cost-shared $32,129 rather than the originally proposed $29,098. The specifics:

  1. One of the secondary goals of the project was to serve as a testbed for the new shoreline data standard in development by the FGDC Bathymetric Subcommittee. As a cost share contribution to the project Millington Lockwood of the NOAA National Ocean Service, aided by Cindy Fowler of the NOAA Coastal Services Center, was going to come and present a workshop covering the basics of the draft shoreline standard and to assist us in defining the level of effort and steps required to implement the shoreline aspects of the Oregon coast clearinghouse. Unfortunately Millington Lockwood was diagnosed with cancer and recently passed away.

  2. Due to staff reductions, the State Service Center for GIS had to fold up the majority of its operations and was unable to complete its portion of the cooperative agreement. The center did provide $650 worth of in-kind support on the project in October, 1998. This consisted of ten hours creating, updating, documenting and maintaining metadata on the State Service Center for GIS web site, which the clearinghouse web site links to.


Future Activities


Education and Outreach

The project is providing OSU Master's thesis projects for Brian Ward and Gillien Duvall. They are both learning about the NSDI and the FGDC content standard for metadata. Brian installed and configured the Isite software and designed the clearinghouse web site. His thesis project describes and evaluates these activities, as well as web mapping of metadata. Gillien has researched the various tools used for the creation and management of metadata in relation to GIS and is creating metadata documents for clearinghouse participants. Her thesis project tests and compares various procedures for metadata organization, creation, and "ingest" (reading in of existing metadata in non-FGDC format and converting it to FGDC format) in an effort to determine what methods work best for what kinds of coastal data sets. Both theses will be available electronically on the clearinghouse web site.


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