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Oregon Coastal Atlas

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Other Coastal/Ocean Clearinghouses

Alaska: Cook Inlet Information Management & Monitoring System

California: Central Coast Joint Data Committee

California: California Spatial Information Library

Delaware: Delaware Spatial Data Clearinghouse

Florida: Florida Coastal Everglades LTER

Florida: Florida Marine Research Institute

Georgia: Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER

National: NOAA Coastal Services Center Clearinghouse (includes Columbia River estuary data from Oregon)

National: USGS National Mapping Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Oregon: Tillamook Spatial Clearinghouse

SE U.S./National: Ocean Planning Information System (OPIS)

Washington: Olympic Peninsula Clearinghouse

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Coastal Clearinghouse

Coastal Metadata, Issues, and GIS Links
NOAA's State of the Coast
Pirates' Pick from Davey Jones' Locker

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Marine Metadata Interoperability project
FGDC Metadata Central
Various Metadata Creation Tools (free)
The FGDC Metadata Content Standard (in all its glory)